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Rosetail Betta: Rosetail and Feathertail is an extreme Halfmoon with excessive branching of the rays giving the tail a "ruffled" edge. It has so much finnage that it overlaps like a rose. These fish are hard to breed on as the excessive mutations that cause the branching can lead to other mutations such as poor scales and short ventral fins. Can be seen in longfin and shortfin.

http://UpCycle.Club UpCycle Art & Life #HistoryProject presents a mere Fish by Visarute Angkatavanich #UpCycleART @upcycleclub

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Red-blue siamese fighting fish - Capture the moving moment of red-blue siamese fighting fish isolated on black background. Betta fish

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Apple iPhone 6s Wallpaper with Red and Blue Betta Fish and Dark Background in 750x1334

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