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from MIT Technology Review

Ghosts in the Machines

Bethlehem Steel, once a symbol of American industry, went bankrupt in 2001. These photos help us imagine its glory days. Photographs by Jeremy Blakeslee


bethlehem steel, allentown pa - matthew christopher murray's abandoned america My father in-law, my kinds grandfather, was #3 man at Bethlehem Steel. It closed because steel was cheaper from China.


GIMBEL'S DEPARTMENT STORE IN NYC. The new store under construction in 1909. A plot of land is purchased in Greeley Square at Broadway and W32nd Street, and a $17 million, 10-story emporium with three basement levels is erected. When it opens in 1910, it represents the first major department store to debut in New York at a full size, while others grew piecemeal. The new store was built with 12,000 tons of Bethlehem steel, had 26 acres of floor space, and 64 departments. Gimbels was once the

The ruins of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation in Bethlehem, PA are undoubtedly one of the most impressive industrial sites that have been left to rot in the United States' rust belt. Bethlehem Steel was the second largest steel producer in the country, and one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the world before going bankrupt in 2001.


Tip 4: There are many dirty dust clouds. They come from factory's who make stuff for us. We want factory's to make stuff without chemical dusts.