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'I don't mind being a guinea pig': Beth Ditto opens up about the challenges of being a plus-size rocker... and how she's become a role model for curvy girls

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Beth Ditto Walking the Marc Jacobs Spring '16 Catwalk

Pin for Later: What If the Disney Princesses Took the Place of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner on the Catwalk? Beth Ditto Walking the Marc Jacobs Spring '16 Catwalk

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Young Money: How 6 Smart Women Became CEOs Before They Turned 30

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Beth Ditto "We can play it safe, or play it cool, follow the leader, or make up all the rules, whatever you want, the choice is yours, So choose"

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Beth Ditto on Why Makeup Is the Heart of Feminism—And There’s No Such Thing as Ugly

@inezandvinoodh HOW CAN I THANK YOU?! What a great day y'all made it ! Thank you so much! This is in American VOGUE now! I'm very excited !TOTALLY WILD! Thank you again times!

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Quite possibly the 'Most Awesome Crazy Bitch Ever'. This my folks is good crazy. Not axe wielding, glossy eye, stabby stubby psycho wench from hell. Just good old fun crazy

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