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Pastel book clock; can buy a black version from Kikkerland and spray paint your favourite colours!

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What would make you choose a 50s-style wedding dress? We find out why brides take the short and sweet route, rather than the long way round.

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Nigel Slater's hot chocolate pudding recipe

Nigel Slater's hot chocolate puddings. If Delia Smith and Nigella Lawson had a love child (now there's a thought!) it would be Nigel Slater. Or at least cook like him.

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21 Personal Struggles Only Ravenclaws Will Understand

Because no matter what people say, you’re a true-blue Ravenclaw and you’re smart enough to know you’re in the best Hogwarts House.

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LOL XD Would you rather do it like Michael Jackson or Sebastian ? <-- Sebastian; always Sebastian

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에킨 on

What if you killed a blind person thinking you would get there mazing sense of hearing but instead you become blind. The person thought the world was going down and he would rather not see it and he be lived that was his best trait.

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Who Is Your Hunger Games Friend Match?

I took the Who Is Your Hunger Games Friend Match? quiz on Seventeen and got Your Hunger Games BFF is Primrose! kind of cool since we're around the same age...

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