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The NerdWallet team has put together this infographic for Presidents' Day to share some fun facts about the U. Presidents and how they came to be on our money.

What if our greatest Presidents never ran for office? Alternative career paths via @Jenna Petersen

Educational infographic & Data What if our greatest presidents never ran for office? Image Description What if our greatest Presidents never ran for office

reagan's casket - Sunset.  Watching this was heart-wrenching...true love - not even death can take that away...

Nancy Reagan at Ronald Reagan's casket, 2004 this is heart wrenching to me.

Teddy Roosevelt Quote

32 American Presidents Share Their Best Life Advice

Theodore Roosevelt Quotes On Leadership. QuotesGram Theodore Roosevelt Quotes On Courage.

no exceptions

Equality means equality for all-no exceptions, no 'yes,buts', no asterisked footnotes imposing limits." ~ Hubert H.

Simply the best!!

US President Barack Obama departs the Oval Office for the last time as president, at the White House in Washington, DC

President Thomas S Monson

"He is with us." quote by President Thomas Monson October General Conference 2013

Andrew Jackson - President from 1829-1837 ... authorized the removal of Cherokees from their homelands, this atrocity is better known as the TRAIL OF TEARS.

United States Presidents Gallery at Madame Tussauds DC