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First Day of School Activities for Big Kids

Getting to know each of your students in your first days of school is the best way to begin building strong relationships. This is a fun activity to get kids to open up...make sure to share about yourself as well! I


Following up on our previous blog post on “best team building activities”, you wonder, these are not useful at all for remote teams!! I agree. So here are now some recommendations for team building activities for REMOTE and VIRTUAL teams:   Virtual office tour — Since you’re using technology to do your work, why not […]

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Team building and collaboration: Up for a Challenge?

Perhaps one of the best team-building activities I know is the popular marshmallow challenge, perfect for a time when we are still setting up the ground rules that will define that learner-centred,…

Free: The marshmallow challenge is the ultimate team building activity for any age. The challenge is pretty simple and the best part, cheap for the teachers. Each team must build a freestanding structure using the materials provided, spaghetti noodles, tape, string, and a marshmallow.

Ensuring individual accountability Teaching students the positive value of groups. Activities that sacrifice one (or even possibly two) of t...