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The health benefits of Lime Water

Healthy Living / Healthy Eating - Check out the Health Benefits of Eating Spinach #getfit #healthyliving #wellness


Wedding Menu Planning Tips From an Industry Insider

A wedding planner and chef offers candid advice on catering, party rentals, and more wedding food dilemmas.: comment- of course the industry insider likes family style service makes you buy extra food like a buffet AND have as many servers as sit down. Maximizes cost!!!


15 Of The Best Worst Dad Jokes On Tumblr

15 Of The Best Worst Dad Jokes On Tumblr Why do I love these so much So much fabulousness


Longest fur on a rabbit: Underneath all that fuzz is indeed a rabbit! Franchesca is a three year old English Angora rabbit who lives in California (USA). Her hair measures 14.37 inches long, which is double the length of a Subway sandwich. Franchesca is not only a "Best in Show" winner, she is now a mother to four lovely little ones who look just like her. She is one of our fluffiest record holders.