stain removers...I can't wait to try some of the others. The shower cleaner is miraculous for removing soap scum without harsh chemicals, which incidentally don't work as well anyway!

The Best Homemade Shower Cleaner is so easy to make with only 2 ingredients. Plus I share my special tip on how I clean my shower so quickly!

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Best way to clean away a dingy dirty tub. Check out this cleaning tip by The Craft Patch #tub #cleaning #clean

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I tried this and the soap scum came right off. I'm completely impressed and no coughing from all the chemicals in cleaners. Never buying shower cleaner again. 1 cup each - warm white vinegar (microwave 2 min) + 1c Original Dawn. Spray, leave for 15 min, rinse.

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Shower cleaner: Vinegar + Blue Dawn Omg I just tried this and it is AMAZING! It stinks to high hell though so open a window if you can!

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Milan Triple Thermostatic Valve with Square Shower Head and Handset at Victorian Plumbing UK

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Cleaning Tips and Hacks To Keep Your Home Sparkling. Quick and Easy Way to Clean Blinds - Clever Ways to Make DYI Cleaning Easy. Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Garage, Floors, Countertops, Tub and Shower, Til, Laundry and Clothes

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