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The Best Organic Shampoo And Conditioner Products

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From high-tech blue rinses to 'hair varnish', the products you need to make grey locks look glam

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Homemade Banana & Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner. So I think I will go with this as a conditioner and the clay wash with coconut milk added in as a shampoo. Hoping for the best!

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How to Tone Blonde Hair

Perfect gray toned hair! I wish the tone would stay like this for more than a week or so before it starts turning yellow. I use the best purple shampoos I can buy. Still, I'm doing it again! My FAV!

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Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity Scrubbing Me Softly Smoothing Body Scrub 280g - The best way to be summer-ready is to have the softest skin going...time to scrub up! #feeluniquemagpies

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10 Essential Steps For The Best Pamper Night In

You've had the worst Monday ever. So you deserve to treat yourself, just follow these essential steps for the best pamper night in and ultimate relaxation!

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The Best Organic Shampoo And Conditioner Products

We all gotta bathe. But that doesn't mean we have to "cleanse" our bodies with nasty sulfates and parabens! I don't even know what those words mean so why would I want them on me?! John Masters Organics is a delightful brand and is made with certified organic ingredients!

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10 Retro Hairstyles That Are Hot Right Now

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