2Pac. I'm gonna say that he is the best rapper alive. Because although his body is dead, his music, his soul and his legend still lives on.

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YEP!! Dude that actually happended to me lol i was watching thier lyrics video and then i was like ok so not a cute bunny!

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T.I. - My Idol, The King, The seduction to my ears, I don't care what nobody says this is the best rapper alive.

Complex is proud to present The Best Rapper Alive, Every Year Since 1979, a comprehensive look back at every year of rap.

Loving this outfit from Travis with the LV Supreme tee, fur jacket and and white J's on white denim...clean

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Kurtis Blow (born Kurt Walker), rapper & record producer. He is the 1st rapper to become commercially successful, to sign with a major record label & to perform overseas. He is best known for hit The Breaks, the 1st certified gold record rap song, as well as Basketball, Christmas Rappin', If I Ruled the World, & AJ Scratch. His influence on early hip-hop was so profound, that Run had called himself the "Son of Kurtis Blow". An ordained minister, he teaches ministry classes at Nyack College.

3 reasons why #Drake is the best #rapper alive I’m pretty sure that a huge percentage of you guys reading this wouldn’t agree with the title, some of you may go so far as to say that you could list 4 reasons you think he’s not in the time it took for this page this to load. - See more at: http://www.xclusivetouch.co.uk/page/blog/3-reasons-why-drake-is-the-best-rapper-alive#sthash.inTVhB6t.dpuf

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