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Best Quotes For Brother

Best friends in real life :) OH MYGOSH THEY ARE ME AND MY FRIENDS. FOR REAL THOUGH #Merlin

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I knew my little brother suffered from depression for years but I never thought it would take him to such depths that he would actually take his own life. I should have heard it in his voice I should have seen it in his eyes and I should have seen it in his poetry that he wrote to me. I will miss his smile and his cute button nose for the rest of my life #TheSunShinesBrighterBecauseHeWasHere ❤

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tyler joseph quotes | no offense, I'm sorry I thought this was funny - image…

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i jumped and tore down fences whilst she built new ones in my way .. when you put all your love and trust into your closest friend you do things that you wouldnt do for any other sacrifice everything for them because they where your best friend and you loved them trustingly but whilst you did everything faithfully they did nothing and just i slowly gather up my broken life and fail to hold it together god please help me as i have no one to talk to now and dont know what to do…

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Best Famous Motivational Quotes Said by Johnny Depp | Quotes World- oh my the…

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Graffiti artist Banksy pulls off most audacious stunt to date - despite being watched by CCTV

Banksy pulled off an audacious stunt to produce what is believed to be his biggest work yet in central London. The secretive graffiti artist managed to erect three storeys of scaffolding behind a security fence despite being watched by a CCTV camera. (Banksy, 2008)

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