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10 of the best pizza places in Rome

10 of the best pizza places in Rome. I should probably try all of them to compare :)

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Where to Eat in Rome Italy - Best Coffee, Gelato, Pasta and More! - Tips from

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Headed to Rome? Everyone knows you have to try (at least!) three things when in Italy: Coffee, Gelato & Pizza (not necessarily in that order). Sometimes all you can fit in between the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums is a quick bite, though. Here's a quick recommendation chart for Rome's best, "Fast" & "Slow" from - Enjoy!

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Top Ten - Best Things to Eat in Italy

From artisan gelato to fresh, home-made pasta, Italian cuisine is renowned the world over, but beyond the pizza, pasta and ice cream, there’s a never-ending gastronomic journey to discover including superb cheeses, succulent roasts and legendary desserts. I’ve been visiting Italy for many years now and whenever I go and in whichever part of the country I am in, I know I am going to eat well. In no particular order, here’s my top 10 of things to eat in Italy and where to eat them..

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Rome's Favourite Street Food - Suppli (including a recipe)

Rome's Favourite Street Food - Suppli -direct from our friends at Eating Italy Food Tours

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Where to eat in Rome – by the city's cabbies

Pizzeria Remo A 75-year-old pizzeria considered among the best in Rome, where locals get loud and every pizza is baked to order. Pizza bianca con fiori di zucca (€7.50) is especially good. Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice, 44, Testaccio (0039 6 574 6270), dinner only. Closed Sun.

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Rome's best cheap restaurants

Rome's best cheap restaurants - If your headed to Rome ... save this ... It will help you save a few hundred dollars while in town without skimping on good service and great food ... Of course, if you are thinking of Rome .. Please think of me also ... I can get your there and assist you with all your arrangements in this truly magnificent city. 866-758-2990 or or for weather, currency and a mirage of other travel related information.

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