Mike Lane Wildlife Photography - not sure if any images will appear with this pin but Mike Lane's website is well worth a visit if you enjoy wildlife photography.

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Bob Dylan lyrics hand pulled linocut print. "Come in," she said, "I'll give you shelter from the storm" .... I've been obsessed with this song after seeing Warm Bodies!

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Recorded in a mind-boggling six days and released in August 1965, Highway 61 Revisited — named after the road that runs from Dylan's home state of Minnesota down through the Mississippi Delta — is one of those albums that, quite simply, changed everything.

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I listened to Hunky Dory today. It's always been one of my favourite albums, but today it seemed extra brilliant.

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These are the 20 Greatest albums of all time according to the JV community | Johanna's Visions

Bob Dylan/ his clothes are dirty but his hands are clean, and he's the best thing that you've ever seen

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Playlist of 30 songs for a first dance at a wedding! :) First Dance Songs as seen on Hill City Bride

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Album collection Beatles??? at Hollywoodand bowl..rock n roll music Jim Croce???? the faces I've been....photograph and memories...I've got a name.. .Bob Dylan ....greatest hiits volume II....Street Legal...hard rain...desire...blood on the tracks HEART...little queen...dream? boat Annie's...dogs and butterflies Chicago Elton John...captain fantastic...best of wishes....tumbleweed connection Meatloaf... bat out of hell The beach boys... 20 golden greats...15 big ones Creedence Clearwater…

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