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I don't care what you say, he was best in the first movie. At least, I liked him best there. You know what I mean!

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Mens gladiator Halloween costumes and outfits. The best Halloween outfits for 2013 are Men’s Roman gladiator Halloween costumes, Greek soldiers outfits, Hercules and lots more Roman era costumes.

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15 Epic Male Cosplayers You Need to Check Out Today!

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Lance Bass as a Throwback Version of Himself in *NSYNC

Pin for Later: Look Back at Last Year's Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes! Lance Bass as a Throwback Version of Himself in *NSYNC

This is some amazing stage makeup that I would use on Odysseus when Athena turns him into an old beggar man!

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25 Fun Homemade Halloween Costumes On A Budget

This is one of the best ideas ever. >> I'm from the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division....I know, we're working on it" ---- BUCKET LIST

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My posters smell like you and all my photographs, they are still young. I pretend I'm not hurt and go about the world like I'm having fun. I sing the body electric. Mary prays the rosary for my broken mind. I sing the body electric. Mary's swaying softly to her heart's delight.