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Yoga for Golfers- Given below are the best poses in yoga which will help golfers be injury free and improve their mental concentration- Revolved Crescent Lunge, Half Lord of The Fishes.


The world renowned Green Monkey Golf Club located at the Sandy Lane Golf Resort in Barbados.


Tiger Woods chips in at August at the 2005 Masters. He goes onto beat Chris DiMarco in the Playoff


According to Tiger Woods, it is integral to take a divot to ensure the best iron shot possible. To do this and strike the ball well, he advocates, "Try shallowing out your backswing -- swinging a little more around you. That sets up a shallower angle into the ball and a long, thin divot. It also helps if you turn the knuckles of your top hand to the ground through impact. This is a clear sign that you're compressing the ball, trapping it between the clubface and the turf, which will result…

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