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Bee City

I love this garden-friendly idea - Bee City! Fab for accommodating bees, ladybirds, lacewings and other insects.

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HOMEMADE SUET CAKES 1 1/2 pound of beef tallow or lard (preferable organic & pastured) 2 cups birdseed mix 2 cups black oil sunflower seeds 2 cups organic whole grain flour 1 cup dried fruit or peanuts (I used dried cherries from my bounty this past summer)

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Tu Large Wooden Christmas Reindeer - Christmas decorative accessories - Decorative accessories - New in - Home & garden - Sainsbury’s

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Country Nik Naks made from reclaimed timber, all hand made in Lincolnshire UK. Reindeer / Moose large wooden item, planning to cover with Christmas decorations for our windowsil. Available online via PayPal.

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Wooden phone holder deer, Wooden phone stand, Desk phone holder, Wooden tablet holder deer, Wooden tablet stand, Desk tablet holder

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Chances are you'll have a bottle of tomato ketchup in the cupboard or fridge. Many of the bottles are now the plastic squeezy type. Rather than simply popping the empty bottle in the recycling bin next time you finish a bottle why not have a go

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