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Every woman should carry a concealed self defense weapon on her. It could save your life! See my top recommendations here:

tHIS IS AWESOME! Out of sight but easily accessible, and in SUL position straight out of the holster, ready to punch and shoot! Medium would fit my SR9c. This is definitely the best, and most convenient women's CC holster I've seen! The Well Armed Woman Pistol Pouch by Thunderwear - The Well Armed Woman


Colt Detective Special .38 "DO NOT get oil or cleaners on grips like this! Carefully remove them before cleaning."


Original Concealed Carry Leggings-Full Length

Combining the best of both worlds – yoga pants and concealed carry. The UnderTech UnderCover Concealed Carry leggings come with pre built-in holsters for both appendix carry and kidney carry. And if you're not using one or the other holster, your mobile phone will fit just like a charm! Our Concealed Carry Yoga Pants are almost capris style as the end right at the bottom of your calves. Not sure if your handgun will fit? Don't worry! All concealed carry handguns fit!


MAJORITY OF AMERICANS SAY MORE CONCEALED WEAPONS WILL MAKE THEM SAFER Less than half say background checks will prevent mass shootings