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21 Creative and Inspirational Magazine Covers

This is apparently a common idea for city magazines, to have their food issue be a chalkboard. There are a couple differences in this one that makes it different from the rest of the pack though. First off, this cover isn't all chalkboard as they've only used it for a backdrop. The other thing is that I feel like cover is lacking any depth at all so it looks artificial. There seems to be no interaction between the burger and plate with the chalkboard in the back. It looks like two images…


What a whopper! The 'fully-loaded' cheeseburger-Bloody Mary that has business booming at Milwaukee bar

Super snack: Sobelman's Pub & Grill in Milwaukee has been inundated after putting the 'fully loaded cheeseburger Bloody Mary' with a chaser of Sprecher beer - all for $9 - on the menu. Oh Wisconsin...


Where to Get the Absolutely Best Burgers in Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s pre-winter months have been rife with new restaurant and bar openings. Global cuisine and fusion seem to be the trend as well as a few new pubs and barbecue places serving up comfort food. Here are 12 of the best new openings from fall.

Where to Find the Best Burger in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the burger capitol of the US! Don't leave town without getting your hands on one (or more!) of the best burgers in Milwaukee.


Where to Get the Absolutely Best Burgers in Milwaukee