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Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Backpack Bag Reviews

The Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Backpack Bag must be one of the best thought-out travel diaper bags you will ever lay hands on.


I mean is this even real?! Can we talk about how amazingly talented @breehawaiii is? I can't wait to show you more of her amazing images she did for us! Happy Friday guys! Photography @breehawaiii


Columbia Summit Rush Backpack Diaper Bag - Grey

Best baby shower gift I got. Aaron doesn't look like a weirdo with a purse and you have two free hands for baby when you have a backpack. Also has built in clips to hook right to the stroller! Use them anytime we're strolling around and everything I need is right in front of me. I tried a super cute expensive Petunia Pickle Bottom and this is way better!


Best Baby Backpack Diaper Bags

What is the best backpack diaper bag? Are you trying to choose between a messenger or tote diaper bags and a backpack diaper bag? Which backpack diaper bags have the best reviews?