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Another Bernini sculpture - a marble veil - Astounding! Just click on space for variety of veiled woman


BERNINI- His mark on St. Peters Basilica

Gian Lorenzo Bernini sculptures in St. Peter's, Vatican, Italy, including the spiral bronze Alter & this throne of St. Peter. This window was the photo on our 1st Christmas card!


These Astonishingly Lifelike Sculptures Will Take Your Breath Away

Bernini really captures the notion of ecstasy. Look at her curled toes and limp hand! Incredible...


I seriously don’t get how people can work with stone and produce something this smooth and detailed. It looks legitimately wet and detailed. I want that stone in my bed. This is why I love art, and more specifically, why I love romantic, feminine lines and the female form in general. :)


A pleurant (French) or "weeper" (in English) was a statue that was meant to mourn eternally at the grave of a loved one. Veiled woman, via Flickr. photo by Irene Spadacin taken in Verano Monumental Cemetery, Rome, IT


Cupid & Psyche at the Louvre. The fact that I've seen this twice, and each time I just stood and admired, is awesome. I hope I'll be able to visit it again.


Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy Bernini's sculptures are recognizable for their engaging drama, dynamism, tension, texture, n naturalism. The last two criteria (texture and naturalism) are perhaps the most particular to Bernini: no one can make stone convey soft skin, curling hair, or crinkling fabrics the way Bernini can. His sculptures are also unique for the careful attention he pays to the effects of light n shadow, effects which are traditionally more important to the painter than the…