Benzoin Essential Oil

Benzoin essential oil has powerful sedating and relaxing properties. It can be a great cure for insomnia, and it also helps relieve depression and anxiety. Purchase it in therapeutic grade on our website:

a previous pinner says, "Benzoin adds a creamy vanilla-like note to the bottom of a few of our fragrances. In the case of Graciella, it helps extend the luscious lily in the middle, with the Violette, it creates a blend of warmth on the bottom and in the Liliana, combined with musk and patchouli it provides a beautiful palette for which the heart can continue to grow."

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Benzoin essential oil helps relieve breathing issues, stress, and aids with meditation. Benzoin makes a wonderful base in natural perfumery. Shop affordable and therapeutic essential oils and blends with BioSource Naturals! #aromatherapy.

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