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Bold as brass monkey

An unsteady baby chimp takes steps away from his mother at a zoo. - photo by Konrad Wothe

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Emperor Haile Selassie I = H.I.M = Rastafari "Study and examine all but choose and follow the good" Emperor Haile Selassie I

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Ian Somerhalder - this is definitely Michelle's choice, Jen is #teamstefan all the way

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Merlin's Cave

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Kylie Jenner's latest lipstick launch is seriously mesmerizing

Heavy metal: Kylie Jenner, 18, is adding metallic matte lipstick shades to her Kylie Cosme...

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MU:13 | My Sirius Sigil MagicKnowledge of King Solomons [Satan = arK AngEL MichaEL HarrEL = Scorpious = Eagle iEye of Heru Inner G] Hi:teKnosticKrypticKopticKoded [ALkhemichaEL = AlchemicAL] Seals of Hi:teKARAMELanated GeneticKEMemorized MELanin… from Our SuperNaturAL Bla.eKEMET.eKEMARtians [Bla.eKnights Templar = Moors of Mars] of MERcury’s Retrograde MELectronic Euphoric Atmospheric Field of SuperNaturAL Bla.eKAncestrAL Hi:teKINStarDust of Hi:teKARAMELanated Konsciousness Kodes [ETheric…

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Mormon Mom Planners - Monthly Planner/Weekly Planner: Book of Mormon Speeches - King Benjamin

Meet the 14th Century African king who was richest man in the world of all time (adjusted for inflation!)

List of the wealthiest people ever - adjusted for inflation, includes african kings, wealthy normans that helped invade England, John of Gaunt, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, etc... Interesting little list to supplement history lesson

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