The only thing that surprises me about this is that there is a "report" all!! I certainly didn't expect truth and accountability to prevail!! Obama, Clinton escape blame in Benghazi report

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O'Reilly: NY Times' Benghazi Report Is 'Pure Bull,' Meant to Help Clinton

BENGHAZI --‘60 Minutes’ retracts, apologizes for Benghazi report; CBS says it was misled by a source - The Washington Post - 11/08/13: CBS correspondent Lara Logan acknowledged Friday morning that her “60 Minutes” story on Oct. 27 about Benghazi was mistaken. Logan said her source, a security contractor named Dylan Davies, had “misled” her by falsely portraying his involvement in the events of Sept. 11, 2012... Fox News reportedly used the same source.

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Why did some in the media adopt the spin of Democrats such as Rep. Adam Schiff, who claimed the Benghazi report “completely vindicated” the White House?

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