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The BIG cat who likes getting wet and wild

photos of tigers in the wild | Go tiger! This Big Cat seems as comfortable in the water as onland

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India's top 6 safari parks

"Portrait of 19 month old male Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris).“ by Lonely Planet Images

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Play time: White Bengal tiger cub pesters Mum, in pictures

This tiger cub appears less than purr-fect as he leaps on his mothers head while playing. The enthusiastic white Bengal tiger cub was pictured clawing and jumped all over his tiring mother. The sprightly youngster played up to the crowds who had descended on Novosibirsk Zoo in Russia to catch a glimpse of the rare animals

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Revered Tigers of Bengal. (National Park, India.) By: Jim Corbett. Tiger Fact: Tigers are The National animal of both India and Malaysia.

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1700 Royal Bengal tigers left in India and counting... 450 Siberian tigers left in the wild and counting... So something's not adding up..

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Photographer Birte Person captured these spectacular shots as the tiger and five…

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