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Smoking Infographic

Has the world entranced your mind into needing cigarettes? Has the overwhelming stress of every day life gotten too much? It’s not your fault you smoke cigarettes, they have been designed to keep you on them. Comments comments


The benefits of quitting smoking come sooner than you would expect! Download the free quitSTART app to help you get there with tailored tips, inspiration and challenges based off of information you provide about your smoking history.


Immediate healing begins after your last cigarette. I wouldn't smoke even if someone paid me, but this is good to know anyway.


Kill the cigarette before it kills you, seriously. If you are planning on quitting that nasty habit, or know someone who is, then this infographic should give you an extra push. It is all about the benefits of quitting smoking.

Have you been searching for ways to stop smoking? - How To Quit Smoking Easily -