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only you can find what makes you happy and once you discover it within .. you will shine for all to see..

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Benefits of "legs up the wall" - viparita karani. What's your favourite benefit of this yoga pose?

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Just #meditate and think #positive! Take a #yogaretreat and relax! on

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@YogaWorkoutWeig: The amazing benefits of #yoga yogaeverydamnday yoga yogi yogini yogaeveryday tumblr yoginis namaste bikram yogisofinstagra

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In Hollywood, reiki healing is all the rage. But is it just another alternative therapy that's a 'bit out there'? Or, are there genuine healing and health benefits to be had? Shelley Bloom, reiki practitioner, fills us in ...

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10 Health Benefits Of Stretching

Before there could be movement, there needs to be no restrictions! ALL pro-athletes understand the energy and performance loss if you constantly have to fight through restrictions...

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Get a good hamstring stretch with the simple downward dog pose

Benefits of Downward Dog Pose (Adho Mukhmma)

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No matter where you hurt, you can cure the pain using acupressure points in the palms of your hands. There are specific pressure points in your hands that are able to relieve pain in other parts of your body. Reflexology (acupressure therapy) is a holistic healing... #acupressure #reflexology

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