World's Greatest Friend Sends Ridiculous Name Variations - and every damn one of us knows who's name it is.

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Benedict Cumberbatch, everyone. With that hair he could pass for a Weasley and with that name, he would fit right in! Love it!

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Hahaha!! Benedict Cumberbatch. Every time I try to say that name I know I am pronouncing it wrong.

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Your Benedict Cumberbatch name (mine is Benefit Comedicmismatch!) Just read some of them though! SO much fun!

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Look, everyone - mix and match!// Hours of fun....binglebangle wafflesticks...snozzlebert chiddybangbang.....

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19 Times Everyone Stopped Even Trying to Get Benedict Cumberbatch’s Name Right

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II understood that reference. Things that will happen before series three: someone will spell his name correctly.

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And this is why we love Benedict Cumberbatch. GIF. Beautifulbatch and Dorkybatch - he doesn't care!

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