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If you feel you're getting too much attention doing yoga/ stretching in public you could always pretend to do something more normal like read a newspaper. Worked a treat! One of the few times I read the news (or pretended to) in the last 4 years. #yoga #stretch #asana #read #yoganywhere #yogainspiration #yogaoffthemat #yogaonthetrain #yogaeverywhere #veganyoga #veganyogi #bend #newspaper #veganyogateacher #hamstringstretch #utkatasana #forwardfold #dailytelegraph #station #platform

Detroit News endorses Johnson over Trump, Clinton

Time-bending shooter 'Quantum Break' arrives on Steam -

from Metro

16 of the funniest Sherlock fandom moments in gifs

16 of the funniest Sherlock fandom moments in gifs | Metro News. My croft is in heaven


This Cop Responded To A Shocking Domestic Violence Call. But He Didn’t Expect This.

from Mail Online

Even princes can't avoid a little wobble after a 10-hour flight!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge held hands with with their children Prince George and Pr...


Sir Mix-A-Lot approves of doing side bends and sit-ups – but that doesn’t mean your tummy will become flat if you do them. I’ve got news for you – the ONLY way to get a flat stomach is through a healthy diet and the CORRECT abdominal e

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Eileen Sorg - Bending Your Ear -Colored Pencil Society of America News


Hubble helps find light-bending world with two suns - The Archaeology News Network