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The DO's And DONT's Of Law School, According To "Legally Blonde"

The bend and snaaap! Works every tiiimmee! I legit watched this movie like at least twice a day


A Perfectly Pink Cocktail for Movie Lovers

A Perfectly Pink Cocktail for Legally Blonde Lovers! Inspired by the 15th anniversary of Legally Blonde, making this is as easy as the Bend and Snap, its namesake! This is a cocktail Elle Woods herself would be proud to drink.


Getting Up Close And Personal With Nature (PICTURES)

This is REALLY cool!! Portrait Photography Idea..... I see this and think: what about a handstand with a pointed toe, and then post process some gentle water ripples into the sky... could bend a few preceptions.


How brolly inconvenient! Dita Von Teese drops her umbrella at LFW show... and waits patiently for someone to pick it up

Oops! Dita Von Teese accidentally dropped her umbrella and didn't want to bend down in her figure hugging dress in full view of the photographers


When Rose is alone, she spends at least half of that time listening to the earth. And it tells her so much. It's a child of Demeter thing. Not many ever learn how to do it though because it requires large amounts of patience and self discipline.