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Good men are the stars, the planets of the ages wherein they live, and illustrate the times. Ben Jonson

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National Portrait Gallery buys lost Lady Anne Clifford painting

Wm.Larkin painted this long missing portrait of Lady Anne Clifford in 1616, when she was 28. As a child she was a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I of England; she also danced in masques with Anne of Denmark, queen of King James I of England. She lived an eventful life; the original site is well worth reading

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Ben Jonson (1572-1637), English poet and playwright, regarded as the second most important dramatist, after William Shakespeare, during the reign of James I~ PERFECT BEAUTY It was a beauty that I saw, So pure, so perfect, as the frame Of all the universe was lame, To that one figure, could I draw, Or give least line of it a law! A skein of silk without a knot, A fair march made without a halt, A curious form without a fault, A printed book without a blot, All beauty, and without a spot!

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"Know what makes this photo pop (besides its gorgeous subject)? Someone on Tom's right took a flash photo at the exact same moment this photo was taken from the front. That's the white light you see on Tom's right cheekbone. It separates him from the background and, of course, makes his cheekbones even more distinctive. It's not often you luck out like that, as a photographer. I photographed hundreds of weddings and thousands of portraits, and only had this happen about 10 times."

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William Shakespeare

This is a picture of the famous writer, William Shakespeare. During the English Renaissance, Shakespeare wrote all four types of plays that were apart of the Renaissance. They were Comedy, Tragedy, Pastoral, and Historical. He is the author of the play Titus Andronicus. The play was written in 1589. Titus was a revenge tragedy, and this play was William Shakespeare's first tragedy.

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Remy Clips - Clip-in Remy Human Hair. 18 to 24 inches long, up to 340 grams of hair. 16 colors. See our entire line of quality Grade 6A hair extensions.

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