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Road to Recovery following Knee Replacement

Stay motivated during knee replacement recovery. It will not be easy, but worth the effort!


Communist corsets, prosthetic legs and colourful dresses: Frida Kahlo's fascinating wardrobe exhibited in the Mexico City home the artist shared with husband Diego Rivera

A prosthetic leg that belonged to the late Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is displayed at the Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico City


Inspiring Teen Continues to Pursue Her Love of Dance After Leg Amputation

15-year-old Gabi Shull had cancer. She had the opportunity to receive a revolutionary form of surgery called rotationplasty. In a Youtube video, Shull explains that after the affected knee was removed, “they took my lower leg and foot, twisted it 180 degrees backwards, and attached it to my thigh.” That's right when not in the prosthesis, her foot is actually pointing backwards. This is necessary so she can still use the nerves and muscles in her foot to point.


Five faint at Shakespeare's Globe during his bloodiest play

William Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus directed by Lucy Bailey at Shakespeare's Globe. Flora Spencer-Longhurst as Lavinia


A few years before the novel starts, Kirby got in a vicious car accident and had to get below the knee of her left leg amputated. You'd never know unless she was wearing shorts.


(Paralympics 1) Jessica Long, a bilateral below-the-knee amputee, won the 2007 Sullivan Award and was named USA Swimming's Disability Swimmer of the Year. She began swimming competitively in 2002. She won three gold medals at the 2004 Paralympic Games. #Inspiration