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Sorry Finn maybe you should told her you have a girlfriend because girls hate being cheated on. Go bellark

The 100 - Bellarke 3x02 - Heaven - YouTube

Bellarke ( Bellamy and Clarke ) scenes from and I loved the episode of the 100 , there were so many great Bellarke scenes in it and the Bellar.

Tell me. I want to know. The 100

*Bellamy looks at Clarke for a split second* Me: oh my goodness he loves her, he's going to propose, they're going to kiss.

#The 100! Bellarke hug season 2 05 (Oh if only they would kiss!!) But I guess I will settle for this lovely hug

The 100 ~ 2 x 4 ~ Bellamy Blake ~ Clarke Griffin ~ Octavia Blake ~ Bellarke

My thoughts throughout the entire show. The 100

That's what every single bellarke shipper thought in this moment

#bellarke moment from the book #the100 if this doesn't happen in the show soon I will scream

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Bellarke moment from the book. II The 100 II Kass Morgan II Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin