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axis powers hetalia, belarus Belarus is a like a hardcore fangirl that got transported to the anime world. Just me?

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Belarus is my favorite female character. She's scares me a bit, but she's still my fav

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Day 2 (least favorite): I don't hate Belarus, I just don't particularly care for her. Sorry!

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Hetalia Belarus it's her birthday today one day after big sister ukraine

More Hetalia Girls Appreciation - hetalia isn't all about fangirling over guys and yaoi ships and the fandom needs to understand this

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Yay! I got a thumbs up from belarus!

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This guy looks pretty awesome << yeah, bc i think it's nyo!belarus<< confirmed- my headcanon name for him is Nikolai

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Art of Belarus from "Axis Powers: Hetalia" series by manga artist Haiyoru.

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APH Girls • Axis Powers HETALIA Belarus

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Day 27-character you wouldn't want to run into in a dark alley-she's a little scary...

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