Illness changes you

I've always had anxiety and depression , I've been bullied as a kid and I still kind of am and it's digging me deeper and it feels like it's drowning me slowly and I can't controll it and nobody understands me and that's why I never tell ANYONE anything

What soul though? I have no soul left only a jet black heart that feels like it's starting to give up because even my heart knows I shouldn't be breathing anymore

Soul tired Everything seems to be exhausting me, no matter how sleep I get or how much coffee I drink, something inside of me has given up. My soul is tired.

1) Stop lying. Problem solved. 2) Is ALL that blank space really necessary??

I'm just so tired.

I am so tired of trying to be understanding and compassionate.

“You’re like a sponge. You have a gift.” “It doesn’t feel like a gift,” I counter. “Well, with time, you’ll see. It’s a process of unfolding, like a flower opening up. You are the flower.