Being Erica (2009– ) - Stars: Erin Karpluk, Reagan Pasternak, Michael Riley. - Who hasn't wished, at least once, for the ability to go back in time and do something over? The under-achieving heroine in this show actually gets that chance. - COMEDY / DRAMA / FANTASY

A link to an external website watch being erica season. Watch being erica season Spouting famous and not so famous historical quotes.

Dr. Tom quotes in Being Erica ( I love how Dr.tom talks in quotes, and not just lame quotes, really good smart ones that people should freaking listen to and admire or take advice from! Absolutely great writing on this show! Cheers-ki

The Quotes Quoted By Dr Tom From CBC’s “Being Erica” – Season 1 Edition

Being Erica - Dr. Tom Quotes by episode - Season 1 "It takes a lot of courage to grow up and be who you really are.

The way we choose to see ourselves,  it limits who we can be.  Step outside the box and you might learn something.  Because we are more capable than we imagine.  Because we all have it in us to do things we have never done before.  Because sometimes, we can surprise even ourselves.  - Being Erica (television show)

charming life pattern: Being Erica - (Erica, The Vampire Slayer) that hap.

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Some people know that I watch the CBC series “Being Erica” but some people haven’t even heard of the show.

Being Erica - Kai's date

How much longer can the time/space continuum stay intact with Kai (Sebastian Pigott) gallivanting the in the past?

Being Erica

Being Erica. Just discovered this on Netflix and any chance for some girly tv time it's on.


BEING ERICA Episode 7 Previous Episode Next Episode After last week’s not-so-abrupt dumping from Adam (painfully obvious as soon as Kai came back in the pi

Being Erica. Time travel therapy...who knew?

Being Erica is a Canadian comedy-drama television series that aired on CBC from January 2009 to December Episode 14 features the exterior rooftop of The Fairmont Royal York hotel!

please watch this. all the of first 3 seasons are available and despite the fact that it sounds cheesy and it's canadian. it's amazing. i love it. you will too.

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Being Erica

charming life pattern: Being Erica - quote - do you still .