you eventually learn to trust no one. Being alone sucks but at least you don't have to worry about being let down or hurt again...

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Really like this quote. Many people believe that it is worse to be alone. Thus, they tolerate tremendous amount of pain in relationships in order to not feel lonely. The truth is that, it is much better to be alone that being with someone that makes one feel alone in their presence/

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Being alone has a power - -

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Yes I do. Sometimes my introvert self comes out. Being alone is solitude to me, not a punishment. I enjoy my "Me time alone" maybe a little too much.

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I've had this exact thought throughout my whole life. While everyone around me is taken care of, I think I was made to be on my own.

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I'm so here with things now. It's peaceful here... I like it. I'd rather be alone, lonely - than lonely in the same room with him.

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I get so many messages from women who are single that don't know how just embrace their singleness. The truth is, if you can't be happy alone you won't be happy when you're not single. One of the most empowering things I did, was go get coffee alone, shop alone, and go on trips alone. You grow from these experiences and you will truly understand who you are as an individual. You'll never have to struggle with getting lost in a relationship if you embrace your own company.

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I had two longings and one was fighting the other. I wanted to be loved and I wanted to be alone. - I finally found someone who the only time in my life helped defeat the desire to be alone which was life changing. Then she made a choice that showed that I meant very little to her and now I think the desire to be loved is now forever deafeted and it has taken a huge toll on my soul.

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