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"I'm a woman, I like men. If that means I'm not "lady-like", then I guess I'm just not a lady! At least I'm honest." -Josie, Tombstone


The illuminati own the factories that make make up and fashion, so it pays them handsomely to perpetuate feelings of self doubt and lacking confidence = don't be persuaded by magazines and press ( that they own too ) that most of your monthly wage should be spent on their products !!! Stop being sheep ( become more wolf like !! )


Looks just like Moms cat Bandy, nee Lady. Called her Lady when we got her but she turned out to not be a lady. She was, however, a truly great cat. (my personal images are used in my audio e-books for children 3-7 and Illustrative Poetry, available at

from Empowering Women Now

Being female is a matter of birth, being a woman is a matter of age, but being a lady is a matter of choice. Here are the 23 signs of a classy lady....