The Idea Backpack: Owl Clip Chart for Classroom Management and a Behavior Think Sheet Freebie

One of the things I needed to make was a Behavior Think Sheet for when students got to "Think About It" on the clip chart. I finally made the think sheet, so I have a freebie for you.

Help with managing behaviour (for students with special needs/ students with autism) through the use of visual coping strategies. Reflection sheet.

Calm Down Kit- 2nd Edition!

Calm Down Kit- behavioral and visual supports for students with special needs and autism. Calm Down Corner, Calm Down Area, Sensory Break. Calm Down Reflection.

Tween Teaching: Behavior Reflections Sheet  This is very clear and I like the visual aspects of this reflection. I think I might use this to replace the "hallway activity" from Edutopia.

Free Behavior Reflections Graphic Organizer from Laura Candler. Use this graphic organizer instead of the typical "time out" form to have students reflect on why they made the choices they made and how their choices affected others. This is awesome.

Task 1: how we can manage behavior by having them think about what they have done wrong

TASK how we can manage behavior by having them think about what they have done wrong. Responding to student behavior calmly and consistently.

The Oatmeal Chronicles: Classroom Management and Zen

While this seems to be aimed at younger students, sometimes it can be as easy as showing a clear checklist of what a student did wrong for them to work on fixing the behavior.

Bethechangeyouwant's behavior reflection sheet- Love the concept. Not sure if it's too long?

Behavior Think Sheet. I used something similar to this with some of my students who needed time away from the situation to settle down before discussing the problem with me.

Simple sheet that can be worked through with a pupil to help identify their strengths and the things they enjoy or feel good about. This can then be shared among staff or displayed on their workstation. Plain design with room to personalise with a self portrait.

Start thinking about your strengths - positive chart (originally designed for middle school exercise - but can be easily adapted for CBT, DBT, coaching & self care use)

Problem Solving Worksheets for Adults & Teens | Problem Solving Activity: A Question Checklist to Investigate Problems

Problem solving worksheets, adults and teens, Problem solving activity, a question checklist to investigate problems

Background Knowledge: Some students have problems with anger management, especially at a younger age. This would be really helpful for students that get angry very quickly or often. Maybe put this in the front of the classroom for everyone to utilize. #ownership

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