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Inspirational Quotes-Black and White

I seriously need to remember this, I know I've hurt people with things I've said before when I was in the middle of an attack. I felt terrible afterwards, but feeling bad doesn't make it go away.


yes it is | For your valentine:


100+ Motivational Quotes On Dream, Goal And Future

True. People are faulty the only true Peace is in God and if they don't have Him you can tell so it's on you to keep looking at God not the lies of the world pretending that everyone belongs in the drudges of misery.


It means we can move on without the burden of their wrongdoing occupying our every thought.If someone hurts you badly chances are they are hurting badly inside themselves,and will continue to blame others until they take responsibility for their bad choices/actions.Hurt people ,Hurt people,Thats how it's passed on, unless we stop the flow with forgiveness.Namaste.