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No more treasure box! Great behavior coupons. I love the ideas in here, like Show & Tell. Students get to pick rewards that are meaningful to them! I think this is great for starting kids on the path to intrinsic motivation.

If+you're+looking+for+a+unique+and+inexpensive+way+to+reward+your+students,+I+think+you+will+really+enjoy+these+QR+Code+behavior+coupons.+ Please+...

Teachers - ditch the treasure box of toys (too many reasons to count) - check out these Behavior Coupons for incentives instead


Using Class Coupons

Looking for a great classroom management strategy that kids and teachers will love? Classroom reward coupons are the perfect idea for handling behavior in a positive way!


Behavior Coupon Book

This behavior coupon book was designed for those teachers who do not want to keep up with a treasure box or multiple "coupons." This is designed t...