Beetlejuice de Tim Burton avec Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis et Winona Ryder, 1988. #cine-club, #specia-lhalloween, #bomontage

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Image 7: The vibrant colour on this Adam and Barbara Maitland piece adds something different to Tim Burtons dull colour scheme. I pinned this picture because I am adding a bit of warmth to my character to show a happier side, the colourings here gave me a bit of inspiration for what colours would suit best.

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I love the creepiness of this picture, everything about it is extremely eery. The picture's quality (or possibly a filter) makes it look vintage like its been taking with a polaroid or throw-away camera, it captures the Beetlejuice theme perfectly and making Adam and Barbara even scarier than I thought possible. It has inspired me to go for a horror theme in mind when creating my character.

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