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Ludwig van Beethoven. The man became completely deaf. Yet, he STILL composed music and an hour-long symphony at that.


When it comes to the referendum – l am IN with the ‘in’ crowd. I will never listen to a counter argument that asks me to turn around and face the past rather than embracing the fu…


Wat zou het toch ongelooflijk zonde zijn als wilde tijgers alleen nog maar op plaatjes te zien zouden zijn #savethetiger


Beethoven's 9th He lost his hearing towards the end of his life. He wrote the 9th symphony when he was deaf. The first time he performed it in front of an audience, he received a standing ovation. Someone from the orchestra had to get up and turn him around because he couldn't hear and he was facing away from the audience. When he saw how popular the 9th was with the crowd, he couldn't help but cry. To communicate with his friends, they would pass notes back and forth.