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Sweet & spicy beer can chicken


Beer Can Turkey

Beer can chicken is all the rage, but what if you are having more than a couple people over? Kick it up to a BEER CAN TURKEY |

HOW TO OVEN ROAST A TURKEY IN ONE HOUR. It uses a "Beer Can Turkey Rack" (they are bigger than the regular beer can chicken holders). What happens with this method is that the super hot heat is able to reach all around the turkey at the same time so that it sears the skin and seals in the juices.

saw a beer can being used for thanksgiving turkey... not heard of this before and I'm wondering if it works. Also why Americans use a grill instead of an oven.

Smoked Beer-Can Turkey

Beer Can Smoked Turkey. I've made this before and it is awesome, moist and flavorful.


Beercan Jerk Chicken with Pineapple & Mango Salsa


Christmas beer can turkey recipe. British recipes from Cookipedia. We used our Grillpro Stainless Steel Chicken Roaster to cook this year's Christmas turkey (with a Tex-Mex rub). This is really just a personal aide-memoir, so we can create the same delicious meal again next year!For the Tex-Mex rub and beer-can chicken recipe, follow the original We had a 5 6 kg Bernard Matthews (frozen) turkey.