Let me tell you about one of the best things I've ever done. And no, it's not this chicken. Though I do beg the question of... how does this photo below make yo

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Beer Can Chicken - Delicious flavor from all the spices and the steam from the beer creates an unbelievable juicy, tender and delicious chicken.

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7-Up Can Lemon Chicken (Beer Butt Chicken Style)... This is SOOOOO GOOD and Very very very easy way to oven roast a chicken GUARANTEEING moist tender delicious and LEMONY chicken. You may have heard of Beer Butt chicken, but 7-Up Butt Chicken is better. Add a lemon half in each breast meat side and you have SPECTACULAR!!! LOTS of photo instructions here to show how YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Possibly the best grilled chicken I've ever had. beer butt chicken | Jamie Oliver | Food | Jamie Oliver (UK)

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Learn How to Grill Beer Can Chicken - Recipe & Instructions | whatscookingamerica.net | #beer #can #butt #chicken #grill #barbecue

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Making this Beer Butt Chicken is a delicious way to barbecue a whole chicken. This chicken is the juiciest cooked chicken you'll ever try!

One Hour Beer Butt Chicken - it only takes an hour at high heat to infuse flavour into the dry rubbed chicken, while giving it a little tasty char on the skin and yielding a juicy, succulent result.

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