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Bumblebee Conservation Trust - if you go to the Support Us page there is a link to Amazon and the trust gets a donation of 8% when you order.

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insect+identification+chart+entomology | Garden insects Art Print by Guardian Wallchart

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The Honey Bee Colony: The hive consists of three castes of bees. Queen• Fertile female responsible for the total population ~ Worker• Sterile female – does the work of the hive ~ Drone• Fertile male – exists to mate with queen

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The Bee a Natural History

"The Bee a Natural History" by Noah Wilson-Rich is a beautiful book covering the human-bee relationship over time; bee identification; bee evolution...

Free Honeybees | For Beekeepers who want free honey bees | If you are a beekeeper and want free honey bees,you can bring us your empty boxes,and we will give them back to you full of bees and honey at no charge.

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