Love the way this bookcase wraps around the door. I wish my ceilings were high enough in my lounge room to do this. I have space for one shelf only. via alvhem makleri

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There are plenty of good things about having a small bedroom. Small bedrooms are cozy and they can be easier to keep warm or cool. Checkout 25 cool bed ideas for small rooms.

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I like this as a space saver, and even though I'm sure it would be a pain after a while, I like the ladder

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Space saver Staircases - The Budget spacesaver offers exellent value Loft stairs Ships ladder

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Not enough ceiling height for a regular loft bed? This might be an idea!

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1-888-679-3240 Want to try this don't know how to even start? Or need to finish a similar home project call us! We can help. Or visit us at www.diyrescueteam.con

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Gorgeous Tidy Tips and Organization Hacks. DIY home and house life hacks and tips that are just perfect for your space!

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