Free as a bird? Never. Human intelligence is far too advanced to ever be free as that of a bird... i must be stupid then ;) :) <3

I chose this white swan because there was a lake at the campus with a swan. The swan was known for biting people.

RESERVED FOR RACHEL made to order Beautiful by Nacotopocoto

Reserved for Jennifer Made to order Whimsical handmade swan is made of cotton and white and grey tulle.She is wearing a gold glitter crown and a gold ribbon Lovely room decoration. Not suitable for small children as a toy.

Swan Mirror!~  There were swans that flew from Russia to my mission area in northern Japan (Morioka) to live during the winter.  They would fly back and forth between a lake and a river over my apartment every morning and evening.

Beautiful swan and it's reflection---ok that's not a reflection it's a mirror image, but i like the editing idea

Two beautiful swan rings by Palmerio! Discovered at VicenzaOro.

VicenzaOro show recap: my Italian adventures

Two beautiful swan rings by Palmerio! Discovered at VicenzaOro.

"This is a wonderfully elegant photograph of two beautiful swans, who are mates for life!" (quote) via

Cisne- Swan couples mate for life, making the graceful swan a symbol of fidelity. this gorgeous picture.


Cisne- "Swans have one partner their entire lives. If one partner dies, the other can pass away from a broken heart.