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The day u asked for my number. Our first kiss. The first time u said I luv u. I even remember the date. You are my best friend. Thank u for standing by me even when


this is exactly what i mean when i say i go to sleep thinking of you, i think about you,me,us. i imagine the calming sound of your smile (that cheeky giggle or that lovable laugh) the power of my thoughts with you in can send me right to sleep or keep me up half the night till i get a text or call from my baby. you control more than my heart my love XD xxxxxxxxxx


No one notices the pain I'm in. No one bothers to really ask if I'm ok. It's just "Are you ok?" 'Yeah, I'm fine.' "That's good" and they leave. Never "Are you ok?" 'Yeah I'm fine' "no tell me how you really are". Because that's a waste of time to them. [Please change description if you repin]