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beautiful moon over the sea, We all living beings are made of the same energy and substance either mater or antimatter, therefore we have to respect life in all its disguises starting with animals and environment, going organic and vegetarian is a priority,

Na tak niezwykły spacer wyruszysz, kiedy spróbujesz głębokiego smaku herbaty Big-Active


An entry from a beautiful mess

My name is Matt an aspiring artist (ceramics mostly) and horticulturist and Nothing is mine unless I say it is. I will do my best to source everything I can. So with that said if you see something that is yours and want me to remove it I will. Simple...

“. . .my dreams are the single unpredictable factor in my zoned days and nights . . . Dreams are all I have ever truly owned.” ~ David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Harvest Moon, yes I remember the beautiful moon while mom & eileen were in nebraska, 1989, was so beautiful, was like you could touch it.......