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Beautiful Man - Africa ++++ This site seems to have a monopoly on male beauty. Excuse me while I head for the shower . - LW ++++

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Les hommes sont modernes, dans l'air du temps et aiment les cosmétiques

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Rufus Sewell by Chris McAndrew

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Les beaux yeux verts de Rodrigo Guiraro Díaz

Jace Rainer: His eyes matched the sky and his hair matched the dark wood of the trees. His shoulders were burdened with countless trials, but they managed to stand as proud as his ancestors, excluding his father who wallowed in the mud of his heart.

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hot beardman - Ben Dahlhaus - I want a replica made of Ben's moustache and beard and identical lace wig in his hairstyle.

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The Gifts of Faith - Seeking Answers - (Ch. 8)

Great photo...and his eyes (with catchlights) are on the top third of the photo following the rule of thirds. Low aperture creates the blurry background, which makes you really focus on the subject.

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Facial Scruff = Hot. It's Science.

Tom Hardy... Those lips, that gaze, the mystery. And he's Bane!!

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His beautiful brown eyes (well, one of them at least) ~ Robert Downey Jr.

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Hello. I am Jay. I am 19 and I am a members of the host club. My younger sister - Raven- was made to join due to her little 'prank' on our kitchen. She owes us a lot of money that she cant pay back. I am single

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Beautiful eyes... Henry Cavill <3- look at the bone structure! xh

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